Contruct 2 Lite and Reducing size

  • Can Scirra compress all program files to make Construct 2 smaller to download and use?

    Can Scirra make Construct 2 more portable(eg. Contruct 2 Lite*)?

    *What will have more limit than free edition for reduce size and messange** inside the game.

    **"This game maked with Construct 2 Lite." or "Only for not-commercial use."

  • 45Green -

    *Construct 2 installer is only 56.1mb in size but it will still expand to 101mb(approximately) when installed. But if you ask me it is already pretty small and well size optimized.

    *Construct 2 Lite? I believe there is no such thing.

    *I don't really know if I understood you well but if you are asking if the paid version of Construct 2 will reduce the size of your game. Then no, both paid and free version doesn't reduce or increase the size of your game or the Construct 2 Engine. Both are the same except for the export limit, events limit, no family option and etc of the free version. I suggest you read this (Compare Features of Construct 2) for better understanding:

    *Again, there is no Construct 2 Lite only the Construct 2 Free Version. The Free Version is for non commercial while the Personal Edition(Personal License) unlocks all features but with a limit of $5000.00 worth of profit of your games and after earning that much you need to upgrade to a Business Edition(Business License) but If you are in an organization or a business then you have to purchase business license and not a personal license.

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  • What would be the point? As chadorireborn said, the engine is already as lightweight as can be, including the editor and the installer too. To make people's life with slow internet connections easier (and also to reduce the server load) Scirra split the NW.js and Construct 2 installers in the past. I understand that with a very slow connection, even a 50MB package is big, but you can't expect a well made engine and editor to be smaller than that I'm afraid.

    As for C2 Lite... It wouldn't serve it's purpose since the installer would still have to contain the engine and the editor. And limiting the free version further is not a good idea in my opinion.

  • It already is the "Lite" edition, compared to when it used to bundle NW.js, which added about 100mb to the file size! We could strip out all the examples and demos, but I'm not sure it would save that much. We could have separate 32-bit and 64-bit builds, but we market to non-technical users and I don't want to make people have to figure out which one they need.

    The installer already uses the very maximum compression settings, and if your connection is slow or unreliable, try using the torrent downloads which we provide for every release as well as the NW.js downloads - those are very robust in the face of poor quality connections.

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