Bullet direction problem

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  • Hi I'm new here. I am making a platform game to practice and I ran into this problem.

    As you can see in my video, when the enemy shoots the arrows in one direction, if he turns around quickly, the arrows he had shot change direction.

    If the enemy shoots looking to the right, and turns quickly to the left, the arrows that went to the right change direction and go to the left. In the video you can see well what I am explaining. I am using google translate so hope you can understand me. I will appreciate your comments to understand what I am doing wrong. I've only been practicing with Construct 2 for 3 days. Thank you.

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  • I think you are setting the angle of motion every time base on the enemy direction.

    Just change the angle of motion when you create the bullet once.

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  • You are the best!

    It was that! thanks for the suggestion. Two heads think more than one. Thanks!!!

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