Bug in new r188 Preview?

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  • I recently updated to the newest beta version of Construct2 and I get these bugs?

    I had set up the game to pause and play a tune when I picked up a permanent power-up, however now the game pauses and then the song stops before it's finished playing to the end so the game permanently freezes.

    Upon debugging, all of my music doesn't play.

    Did Construct2 get any accidental bugs involving audio playback that weren't noticed?

    Note; this only happens during preview, I tried exporting with Node-Webkit and it works fine in 32-bit and 64-bit.

    Note; This is semi-random but persistent, every time I preview the game normally (not in debug) I get a different result;

    The first time I ran, the music on the first level layout wouldn't start, but sound effects would. When I picked up a power-up that causes the game to pause while a tune (in the music folder) plays the song froze and the game never continued.

    The several other times after that were the same. Then I tried exporting to Node-Webkit (downloaded the latest version just now) and it seems to work without any problems.

    Then I went back into preview in debugger, and absolutely none of the music works.

    Tried it again, the song at the start of the level layout doesn't work, but the tune in for pick-up and music for the main menu works fine.

    The songs can't be corrupted because I can play them fine in VLC player (they're all .ogg format).

    I'm using release r188 so I can't go back to r184 and check if it worked there or not.

    The browser I'm using is Waterfox Version 26.

    If nobody has any idea can Ashley take a peek at this (Sorry to keep bugging you lately)

    I would upload my .capx but I have art elements on it I don't want out, along with the fact that it's nearly 40mb (soundtrack).

  • You should file bug reports following all the guidelines. From a post like this, all I can offer you is: it should be working, and I don't think we made any audio related changes at all in r188, so it's strange if something changed there.

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  • Is there a way I can send you my .capx so you can check it yourself?

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