[r114]CocoonJS loading or preloading banner

  • [r114]CocoonJS loading or preloading banner/fullscreen ad not working, when i call CocoonJS show banner or preload banner/fullscreen ad it just hangs the whole app and doesn't respond to any touches there after. In the cocoonJS console i see this error,

    JSUtilities ExceotionL TypeError: 'undefined is not an object (evaluating 'CocoonJS["Ad"] ["preloadFullScreen"] Line:11459 File: ? Tag:

    Show banner ad was working atleast for me in [r108] when there was cocoonJSAds objects instead of CocoonJS Object in [r114], please help as i am really stuck at this point.

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  • Bump, this is blocking our release , please help, Also if there is a way to downgrade the capx to r108 i can do that because if i remember correctly this was working in r108. Please advise.

  • You can try this to downgrade your project, but please note:

    If you used any features from r114 that did not exist in r108, it will break your project.

    1) Back up your project.

    2) Open your .caproj file with a text editor and edit the line that says something like <saved-with-version>etc.. from 11400 to 10800.

    3) Save the file.

    Please note:

    This could also be an error with CocoonJS, and if it is, there's nothing Scirra can do to fix it, so you need to take it up with ludei. Good luck!

  • Our code looks correct, it looks like a CocoonJS bug. Try reporting it to Ludei.

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