[r108.2] FileNames are changed to lower case ..

  • Names of assets added in the files section are converted to lower case when exported to AppMobi. for (eg) if i add DummyImage.png and when exported it converts t dummyimage.png

  • This is by design and should not break anything. (It's done mainly for web server hosting where some servers are case sensitive and others aren't, so everything is forced to lowercase to make sure it works.) If it actually breaks anything let me know and I'll investigate, but otherwise this is closed as not a bug.

  • I guess the design comes from Windows Perspective :) , In the non windows world everything is case sensitive. This is not breaking anything except the first time when i encountered this error it took several hours to figure out what the issue was, To eliminate confusion, i would expect the IDE to show whatever case it would convert to rather than showing one type of casing in the IDE and then changing the case while export is not very helpful particularly when you are debugging.

  • tringio - Windows isn't case sensitive, it's case preserving, at least on its disk file system. You can name files with different case, but it will always compare filenames case insensitively.

    What do you mean by "when I encountered this error"? What actually was broken by the case being changed?

  • this is when i encountered the error, i create several sprites dynamically by using the "Load Image from URL" action, so in order to make sure that every sprite has loaded the image , i use a DummySprite and load a DummyImage.png at the end and see if that loads successfully by listening to "On Image Loaded" event and if it does , do the rest of actions on the other sprites. Unfortunately, i named the file as DummyImage.png so it never triggered and it took me a while to figure out after debugging using firebug.

  • I faced this problem too, when loading files dynamically. I think this should be clear on manual. There is no info there regarding this process, or did I miss something?

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  • +1 - suffering from lowercase renaming at the moment. I am loading svg files dynamically (setting an img src to be an svg). The files exist in the project in cased format, but when I export they are all renamed to lowercase. When uploaded to my case-sensitive web host the assets with uppercase letters in them fail to load.

  • This should be explained in the "Local files" tutorial. If you trust a file (e.g. a xml file) with a list of local files, you should be adviced to change everything to lowercase.

    And also notice this could break the local preview (since file names differ in local preview when running in OS different from windows). An alert should be issued everytime you import local files with uppercase names.

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