Parallax setting breaking after going between ...

  • Parallax setting breaking after going between layouts,

    Link to .capx file (required!):


    Capx sent to Ashley G

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Click on "Play" button

    2. Scroll the controller and drag the puzzle piece. u can see the portion of the screen highlighted with a rectangle.

    3. Go back to Main Menu by clicking "Menu"

    4) click "How to PLay" button.

    5) exit by clicking "Back" button.

    6) Now click on play

    7) Repeat step 2 and now u will see that the highlighted rectangle would have scrolled along with the scrollable layer where the Parallax is set to 100,0 to scroll only in X-axis.

    Observed result:

    Layer where the parallax setting is set to 0,0 also moves/scrolls.

    Expected result:

    the layer should not move.

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes

    Firefox: yes

    Internet Explorer: yes

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 7

    Construct 2 version:

    r115 , r114

  • There are over 500 events in the project you sent me. Please see how to report bugs - it is almost impossible for me to determine if this is really a C2 bug or just a mistake in your events. Can you reproduce the problem in a new project and post that?

  • Like i said already in the email, I wish i could easily reproduce the problem by recreating from the scratch, but unfortunately i couldn't do it ( Here is the capx that i am trying to recreate from scratch if u think that i haven't tried ) however i tried it recreate it outside of my project or stripping my project down, seems like some combination of events and object causing the bug to surface on certain conditions. It's just one of the unique situations that we are encountering that is has to be debugged as it is to show the issue.

    I understand ur pain and hope u understand mine as i can't figure out a way on how to recreate it in a simplified manner for you to easily understand and fix it , i am sure there is some other easy way to debug it, i don't believe all software issues are fixed this way that u always require s re-creatable simplified testcase. I know it's good to have something like this and a wishful thinking for developers but unfortunately it doesn't always work like that. It will probably take several months to create all the possible combinations and permutations for me to create and there is no guarantee that i will be also successful.

    Although if u see the issue, the problem is with parallax getting broken for a layer, so i don't think my code would have possibly broken that setting as i don't know of any other way to programmatically modify it or to trigger something to modify it.

    To make it more easier for you , i have stripped the project and removed all third party plugins from the project. Although the game breaks it's good enough to show the bug/issue.

    Here is the capx, (sent to you in a separate email)

    Ignore the size, the code itself is very small about 3mb (about 200 Events) without the static image assets. The problem is only related to when few events/action are getting triggered, it doesn't make sense to complain the project is too big when most of them are irrelevant to the issue.

    i can help you walkthrough the code to make you understand faster through a screen share session or something if you think that will help us to achieve the resolution faster. Let me know a convenient time.

    Again we are almost ready to release the project which is when we discovered this issue, so any help to fix the issue in a timely matter is greatly appreciated.

    Again thanks for your help and great work that you are doing to help the game developers community and people like me.

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  • Also i strongly believe this problem and mine are somewhat related

  • Well, could you try deleting sections until the problem stops? That narrows it down to the cause being in the last section of events you deleted. Then go one by one and really get the cause to a specific point. Deleting any objects and events irrelevant to the problem helps as well.

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