Construct 2 v269 Closes Randomly

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    OK, so I finally got round to looking in to this and finally managed to reproduce it. It was a crash in the UI library, but it looked like it came from our code incorrectly cleaning up the Image Points window. I managed to fix that and released an update r278 with the fix. Hopefully that will solve it, let me know how it works for you. And hopefully there aren't any more "random crash" type issues...

    Thanks for the update and looking into it. Any idea when this update will hit the Steam version? That one is still on 272, or atleast on my end and it wont update even when I force it to check for updates.

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    It's already on the Steam version - as usual it's simultaneously released there. It's a beta release though, so you have to opt in to betas.

    It sounds like the issue is fixed so closing this thread now. This thread has also already involved two unrelated issues, and long threads like this actually make it much harder to deal with issues, since it ends up with loads of sometimes irrelevant or contradictory information. If there are still any remaining issues, please start a new thread and follow all the guidelines from scratch once again since they are probably also unrelated, and make sure you include all the information we need. Adding to this thread for any further issues will only increase confusion and delay.

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