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  • Problem Description

    Audio partially or fully does NOT work.

    Upon previewing the game, background music is either partially working then stops, not working at all or works fine.

    I have set the game to pause (time scale to zero), plays a song and makes a UI element visible when the player picks up a missile launcher object, and then set the time scale back to 1 when the song ends.

    Similar thing happens with the main menu but that is not in the .capx being uploaded.

    This bug was not present in r184 (last stable issue) and turned up when I tried the game in r188.

    Disabling the action that sets the time scale to zero when the missile launcher power up is picked up further breaks/bugs the game.

    Attach a Capx

    ____ ____

    Description of Capx

    Test Level with player, missile ammo pick up (floating), two test enemies and a missile launcher upgrade lying on the floor.

    (Stripped just to the parts that don't work.)

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Preview in browser ( I used Waterfox version of Firefox 64-bit) and pick up the Missile launcher power up, it's lying on the floor and looks like the cannon your player is holding.

    Observed Result

    ____ Game Pauses and the music either starts playing and then stops or doesn't start at all. The UI element set to appear appears as normal. ____

    Expected Result

    ____ Game pauses and the music starts playing and the UI element appear, when the music ends the game resumes. ____

    Affected Browsers

    • FireFox: (YES (Waterfox version))
    • Node-Webkit Preview (YES)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    ____Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 ____

    Construct 2 Version ID

    ____ r188 when the bug appeared, now using 189 and the bug is still present. ____

  • Can you test in all of Chrome, Firefox (official Mozilla version, not a third party build), IE (preferably IE11) and Safari if possible? It's important to identify browser-specific issues.

  • I don't have Chrome or Safari on my computer, as for Mozilla, Waterfox is actually built by it.

    I tried it on IE and none of the audio works but that's because the audio is only in .ogg, the music I import into Construct doesn't convert to the other codec.

    It's weird because it works seemingly fine when exported as a finished product, it's just the preview that doesn't work correctly.

    Also while I'm talking about preview bugs not present in final export, in preview the missile icon that shows up is slightly lower than where it's supposed to be, but in export it's exactly where it's supposed to be. I think preview is inherently bugged or something because on exporting as a final product everything works as far as I've tested.

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  • This is not a minimal .capx, it has over 100 events. This makes it difficult to prove the problem is not just your events. Can you provide a minimal .capx?

  • It's got 119, the only events that deal with audio are the "Shooting" event sheet and "Tutoria Music", the rest are either animation and movement controls or just sorting the bullet angles and whether they're mirrored or not and their collisions.

    If it helps, here's another .capx with only 42 events. All the animations have been taken out. The only thing that's left in are the weapon shot collisions, some controls and others.

    Here's the .capx

  • As the guidelines require the best way to submit a bug report is to reproduce it in a new project: ideally it will have under 10 events and just the minimum objects necessary to prove the problem. 42 events is still a lot of logic that may be related to what you observe, and we very regularly deal with bug reports which are simply mistakes in events, so we always ask for the absolute minimal approach to unequivocally demonstrate the problem.

  • Downloading the r190 release now, I'll let you know if the bug is fixed or not, thanks a lot for including it in the release notes and taking the time to look into it!!!

  • Ashley

    Just updated to r190 stable,

    In Node-Webkit preview, none of the files in the music folder work on that layer.

    In Fire/Waterfox, it's gotten half worse half better. The layout music is now consistently bugging out, however the tune song gets about a second and half into playing before getting cut out.

    As for when exported; everything works fine. Even the screen tearing from before is fixed, kudos on that. Only thing left on the export is that there's a sort of micro-jittering when there's movement of larger sprites.

    Hey I have a question, when exported does Node-Webkit use both of the audio codecs that get re-encoded when you import into Construct2 or does it not care as long as there's at least one usable codec?

    Also, does Construct2 have problems importing the .mp3 file format? Cause I've been using that so far.

  • Update: I deleted all of the files in my music and sound folder in my project and re-imported them from PCM .wav files instead of .mp3 and .ogg like before. It didn't help.

    If I start the SA01 layout directly in preview, the background music works, but if I start it via the main menu layout it doesn't work at all.

    The music that's supposed to start when you pick up the missile launcher has stayed the same in the way that it doesn't work.

    I guess that confirms it's a bug? I was happy to turn out to be a silly one by finding out it was a problem in my music files but it looks like it's not.

    It's weird that it only happens in Preview. Also, you asked me to try it out in other browsers, I tried the only other one I had, Internet Explorer and everything music works fine in that browser as far as I can tell. The only thing is a visual glitch(?) in the tiles in a tilemap, you can see a grid between the tiles, even with seemless rendering on.

    So that's that? Confirmed bug?

  • Ashley

    The audio bug has partially been fixed,

    Waterfox was lying to me about it being up to date, it was version 24 and showing as up to date when it should've told me that v32.02 out.

    The audio now works fine in Waterfox, there's only a bit of stuttering when the sprites move.

    However, the audio is still buggy in Node-Webkit preview, which is weird.

  • Closing, please file a new report with a minimal .capx if you still want this investigated, 42 events is still too many to easily rule out your own events.

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