I wanted to do a game with this sprite sheet..

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  • I wanted to do a game with this sprite but i have few questions

    There is the "Boss" that has cut parts,i wanted to make all his bodyparts move without an animation,it is possible?

    Then when I import them on the Window they are SOO Blurry and ...

    well this is all of my questions

    I also want to know some good tips and stuff because i want to do two games,a game with that sheet and a game like this one

  • Why links doesn't work?

  • Ahh...Btw the game name is Amorphous plus

  • Why links doesn't work?

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    That is why. It is an AntiSpam measure taken "against" possible spam bot using new accounts.

    I'm not sure to understand the "boss cut parts".

    Do you mean you want your boss to be made of several sprites ?

    It is possible, using the Pin behavior to hold them together but still having several parts.

    But it defeats the purpose of having a spritesheet doesn't it ?

    If you could detail more precisely what is it exactly you are looking to do it could help us help you.

    Also, if you forgot an information, prefer editing your post(s) (top right pen icon) rather than multipost in a row.

    Finally what "tips and stuff" do you want to know ? On what subject ?

    Better tip I can give you is to carefully read and understand Construct 2's manual, look through the tutorials and the how do I FAQ to learn how to implement specific mechanic within Construct 2 and be as clear and detailed as possible when asking for help. What do you want PRECISELY to achieve ? What have you done so far, what are the results you'd expect from your code, what are the results you actually experience ?

  • Thanks!

  • Btw,i wanted to ask because the sprites are blurry when i import them,why?

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  • To make the sprites non-blurry go to project settings, and then in the configuration tab you will see the Sampling option. If it's set to linear change it to point.

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