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  • Hi,someone wants to buy source code of my game.How do I get the source code from the game created by Construct 2?

  • There isn't really any source code.

    If you export as HTML without using minify, you can see a slightly more readable version of the JavaScript that C2 produces, but it isn't really editable.

  • The source code is the .capx file.

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  • is it necessary to have Construct 2 to read source code in .capx?

  • Yes. A .capx is is basically a zipped file that includes all media and a bunch of XML files that the C2 engine reads and processes to create the game. Without C2, the file is meaningless.

  • what if the person who wish to buy source code doesnt have C2?

  • Than they would have to buy a C2 license as well. Other than that, they *could* buy the source code. However that is like buying a psd photo and not having photoshop, useless. If they buy the source code, than they should be able to buy C2 as well.

  • I'm not sure if it's still the case (easy to test though) but it used to be the case that the free version could open any .capx, even those that went past the free limitations, but it wasn't able to alter or save it. So basically the free version could be used as a viewer.

    Disclaimer: It is entirely feasible that I am in error regarding the preceding paragraph, so as Eq80 has stated above, the only guaranteed way of seeing and editing the source is to purchase a licensed copy of C2.

  • Ah, well I'm not sure about that. They might be able to view it, it sounds pretty possible.

    C2 is probably the only engine I've actually paid for within the first week, so I've always had a license.

    We'll just have to see

  • The free edition can open any .capx, but if it exceeds the free limits it shows a warning and you won't be able to edit or export it.

    Many users are worried about reverse-engineering, so the exported Javascript code is deliberately obfuscated and difficult to work with. There is very little you can usefully do with the exported code. Someone asking for source code likely wants to be in control of making substantial modifications if need be, so the exported code likely won't satisfy that, but the source .capx will.

  • So I can't simply sell the source code of a game made by C2 to anyone because not everyone got C2?

  • So I can't simply sell the source code of a game made by C2 to anyone because not everyone got C2?

    If you make a game using visual studio, then the project file made in visual studio would be the source code. Same apply's with all the rest from unity3d to gamemaker.

    I think the individual who is wanting to buy your source code is giving you a run around. He probably wants you to convert it into something (a format that he uses) or he hasn't got a clue to begin with.

  • So I can't simply sell the source code of a game made by C2 to anyone because not everyone got C2?

    No, you can. Handing over the exported project fulfils the letter but not the spirit of what they want; handing over the .capx file is the "true" source (as DUTOIT explained the source can relate to a particular tool, e.g. with Unity). It's entirely up to them if they want to purchase a C2 license or not, but it's not your problem, you gave them the correct source. You might want to make it clear the source is a Construct 2 .capx file before going ahead with the deal though, so you don't surprise them.

  • thank you, now I understand more! I can continue with my business.

  • One thing I do not understand is if you have written down your code in note book or word then the person in question could translate it to any platform. Just send me written code and I will do it for him or her but, only if they willing to pay?

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