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  • Every time i preview layout it opens a new tab for me and I have to close the previous tab of my preview.Is there any way to make it replace the tab which is previewing?

  • Instead of hitting the "Run Layout" button, once you made any change in Construct 2, just reload the browser tab as if you are refreshing a normal page.

  • Mine does replace the tab when pressing run layout - what browser are you using ?

    edit (21/04/14 08:40) - now I see that sometimes it does not replace the tab - but normally (9 times out of 10) it does

  • As far as I know (may be wrong) C2 doesn't determine which TAB the windows opens when a game previews - unless using the Browser plugin to open a URL - the browser does.

    Have you got any browser addons? Try disabling them and retesting.

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  • Set the browser to custom and then set the custom browser property to launch a script (the custom option doesn't support parameters) to run a bowser in a new window.

    Edit. Actually I think I determined before the C2 passes the preview address as the first parameter I did something before check here -

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