How do I change the down load settings into the arcade?

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  • I have been slowly working on one of my games on cunstruct 2 and it seems not to be working on google chrome, safari, or fire fox , it worked one night on internet exsplorer but stopped today. i have seen players playing it on my stats but not me ... lol it works on the testting locl host....... any help would be thanked a thousand fold

  • Impossible to even hazzard a guess based on the very little information you have provided.

    You need to either provide a link so we can try, a .capx, or more info on any errors you get.

    For instance, what does the error console in the browser say?

  • Information..... on testing it pops up 6 pages total. localhost 5000. (works)... extensions on chome..... test type...... silent debugger-extenion-api ...

    on the arcade it just loads a blank black page.

    it is saying that the Minify script is unable to run script minifier (2)

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  • it wont let me load the pages that gave errores becuse of my reputation ....

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