Rot (Construct 3 Plugins)

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  • I don't think that's supported by rot.js, but I'll do a bit of research and figure it out should not be 2 hard to implement, you pretty much just want groups of floor cells that are not connected and then you want to assign a room id to them and iterate their cells by roomid and stuff. I'll look into it

    • Thank you piranha! When using the cellular automata it creats nice little patches like spots on a cheetah. I'd like to be able to group those together into a room index or something so that i can manipulate all of them at once. eg: if player is overlapping roomindex = 1.

      • I implemented The Detection Of Cellular Automata Groups (works with any map), since this implementation is not part of the rot.js core, I am calling them islands, Let me know if this is what you were looking for? if you need any more actions or expressions? There should be an example project attached.