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Get your welcome banners out because we have a new staff member! Woohoo!

If you follow the Construct 3 Github at all, you may have noticed a new name cropping up and closing bug reports. Well, that would be our new web developer Phill Holland! We're so excited to have Phill onboard, having an extra set of hands will help out an overloaded Tom and means we can speed up the process of porting everything from scirra.com to construct.net.

Actual footage of Tom in the office right now.

Phill's main experience is as a software engineer and is joining us from the media industry. He's a 'Master Bodger' of plenty of programming languages and is looking forward to getting stuck into the back-end of our website (hopefully with a little more care and a little less bodging Phill!)

When not coding this that or the other, you'll probably find Phill hanging out in Azeroth or trolling advertisers on Instagram with a cup of green tea in hand.

While we're here, how about a bit of a progress report? Tom is busy beavering away at a shiny new forum system, while Phill is currently on bug duty and refactoring some of the website code.

I hope you'll join all of us in welcoming Phill to the team - if you want to find him, he's here under @scirra_phill. We can't wait to bring more great features to construct.net and who knows, maybe we can convince him to start his own dev blog.


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  • Welcome Phill .o/

  • Nice, already had the pleasure of getting my website related bugs fixed by Phil. I hope this will speed up the developement of the Scirra Arcade and also speed up general website related bugfixes.

    Here are some examples:

    • Frequent Scirra.com (including Forum) downtimes
    • Random logouts despite "Keep me logged in"
    • Surely some other minor quirks here and there (Website Issues)



    • "Keep me logged in", the longest-running scirra.com gag there is. ;)

    • ermergherrrd "Keep me logged in" would love it if it got fixed :)

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      • Tom
      • Construct Team Founder
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      Am aware of all of these - correct me if I'm wrong but are all related to Scirra.com not Construct.net. Our entire focus is getting Scirra content moved over here to it's more stable home! Forum will be the next major move.

      • Yep all Scirra.com, you've also sorted a lot of bugs out already. (I'm reporting all Construct.net stuff in github.)

        Great to know about the move, do you guys have any approx. date for when this will happen? I'm sure with Phil on board, the whole process will be a lot easier and quicker right?

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  • Where can we see some of Phil's best trolling work?

  • Hi Phil o/

  • Hot dogitty it's 'bout time. Welcome Philly boy. I hope ye have a grand time with the fiddling code thingies. How 'bout ye work on giving me(and some fellows) my badge back... from scirra to constrict site. I darn payed some pretty penny and now my bottom icon is naked and freezing :) Have fun and welcome to the fray. For the Alliance!

  • Welcome, Phill!

  • Seja bem vindo Phill :D

  • Welcome Phill :D

  • Awesome! Welcome Phill! :D ... any 2step verification for login into the website? sms based? email based? i don't mean the robot answer question....just as account security so nobody tries to enter personal accounts and lock the original user.

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