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Discord Game Store - Now In Beta

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Official Announcement Post: Open Link ➚


Let me guess, you are probably an aspiring indie game developer with an almost finished desktop game and now looking for the most convenient way to distribute your game? If you are, I recommend reading this blog post because this could be just what you have been looking for!

Discord just launched a beta for their upcoming game store. Before we go into detail on how it is going work and look like, I would like to give a short summary of what Discord even is...

Discord - Free Voice and Text Chat for Gamers

Discord is basically the modern and enhanced version of Skype. It makes it possible for everyone, to quickly create their own servers with a variety of channels in them. Channels are for all types of conversations, both textual and voice chat is possible.

Not only that, Discord also offers features like Rich Presence and even an exclusive Game Overlay. These and many more features are fairly popular among the current community of over 150 Million Discord users.

Discord Game Store - Serious Competitor?

If you watched their wacky YouTube announcement video, you should already be able to guess where this is going. It is true, the Discord Team has decided to enter the market for video game distribution. This does not only mean that existing giants such as Steam, Itch.io and GOG will soon have a new competitor to deal with, it also means that Construct desktop game developers will have the opportunity to submit their games, to a platform with an established large target audience of millions of gamers.

Discord Game Store - Why Should I Care?

A lot of indie game developers frequently voice their concerns about current distribution platforms not offering enough reach, which mostly results in poor sales. Sure this issue could be solved by different types of free or more effective paid marketing campaigns but that is usually a last resort for indie game developers because of the high costs.

The Discord Store being a new distribution platform, can help and solve this issue. As mentioned in their blog post, their aim is not only to offer large AAA titles on their store but also to support indie game developers, on their journey towards successfully releasing video games.

Discord Game Store - Expected Features?

As it currently stands, the Discord store is expected to cover a variety of common features such as:

  • DLC (Downloadable Content) support
  • Cloud Saving for game specific data
  • Gifts and support for optional restrictions
  • Every existing Discord feature and more?

This means that you can expect about the same amount of features, that you would get on current distribution platforms like Steam. (Source: Open Link ➚)

Construct 3 Official Discord Plugin Soon?

This is a question that only Scirra can give a definitive answer to. There is currently an experimental store API available and it might be possible to create a plugin which supports the features mentioned there.

Once everything is sorted out on Discord's side and the API is considered to be stable and ready for use, with enough support by the Construct Community (that's including you), it could be turned into an official Construct 3 Plugin and even get its own exporter if necessary.

Last Words & Personal Opinion

In my opinion the addition of a game store inside Discord itself is a huge opportunity for all indie game developers. I expect a difficult start but once everything has found its place, the Discord store will certainly be another great competitor in the video games market.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion below!

~Blog written by: TheRealDannyyy


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